Letters: March 26

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Re: “Response to Bergen’s support of officers” letter from Ann La Touche

Ann La Touche mocks M.P Candice Bergen’s support for law enforcement in regards to removing the protesters or more accurately the social activists blocking the railways of our nation. La Touche lives in a fantasy world when she thinks the majority of Canadians support the blockade. First, many of the blockaders are white clueless climate change activists, these activists are not native. Not only that, but they are also funded by American interests like the Tides Foundation. Like the Occupy Wall Street protesters of yore, they just trespass and run the show. Never mind that these “green” activists burned rubber tires at some of these blockades, oh how green of them. But most Canadians are furious at these blockades and the majority of natives do not identify with the lawbreakers at these blockades, because they want these good jobs that these fossil fuels, mining and other resource companies would provide.

She writes about her opponents not knowing anything about economic prosperity (because of the support for fossil fuels) when in fact natives want good-paying fossil fuel energy jobs like anyone else would if they saw it as a dramatic step on in improving their lives. Teck Resources 4 billion dollar Frontier oil sands project was approved by all 14 indigenous communities in that area. Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First nation lamented after Teck pulled the plug on the whole deal, “It’s disappointing. We worked hard and put a lot of effort into what we accomplished on this thing.” Ellis Ross an Aboriginal, a BC MLA asks, “What is wrong with jobs? What’s wrong with the dignity of jobs?” He blames outsiders who “have no stake in the miseries of reserves and the despair of the young people on them”… “ leading the assault against development in which aboriginal people can share.”

When it comes to resource development jobs in regards to natives Trudeau shows time and time again that his “listening to indigenous voices” only applies to those he agrees with. A thousand natives may want a massive resource project but he sides with the ten who don’t because it fits with his climate change narrative. Trudeau does not listen nearly all the time. He loves to hear himself talk so he can sound progressive and “woke” to the social activists, the only Canadian voter he cares about.

The Russians have approved the same dollar figure of fossil fuel projects in their country from international investors that Canada has rejected since Trudeau got in.

She writes that the railway blockades are an inconvenience and that they are temporary. I think they are colossally more. Due to the feeble response by the Trudeau government, what foreign investor would want to expand into Canada? They see how easy it is to shut down the economy due to scatterbrained social activists. Who would want to set up a distribution center, pasta plant or automotive plant?

Tragically the worst has just happened. Warren Buffet one of the richest men on earth pulled the plug on a 4 billion dollar natural gas project in Quebec due to the “Canadian political context” and the “instability” of recent weeks meaning the blockades and the government’s weak response. Trudeau ever the virtue signaler manages to babble some jargon about climate change when he made his first comment on this big cancellation.

La Touche attacks The Valley Leader as “right-wing” and “brainwashing.” Would she rather have David Suzuki’s columns reappear again like they did years ago in The Valley Leader?  The same David Suzuki who proudly exclaimed “VICTORY” in all capital letters when Teck Resources pulled out of Canada denying scores of jobs to natives who desperately wanted and were looking forward to those oil sands jobs?

Stanley Reitsma         box 55 Carman MB  R0G 0J0             745-3459

Re: COVID-19

Panic or Trust

It is good to take precautions where this is at all possible. Stay put when you can! So far there is no treatment found to treat the virus. This sounds very scary and it is. I remember someone telling me about his experience of losing family members, friends and neighbors to the flu in 1919-20, just 100 years ago.

This happened right here in southern Manitoba as well as many other places in the world. In those days we did not travel the same way as we do today. Who does not go to the airport to go somewhere or even to pick someone up from there? So it is important that we stay put, even for the protection of our neighbor. Is it something to panic about? Maybe we should ask ourselves, “why does this happen”? Ever since man fell into sin we have to deal with sickness and corruption. Man often thinks he does not need God or that He does not exist.

We know that he does!

The Lord has given us His Word to be our guide and even sent His Son, Jesus Christ to restore all things to its former glory. The churches may not hold worship services now but that does not mean that we cannot pray to the Lord. We are all sinful, that is why the Lord comes to us to remind us again to go to Him, to seek forgiveness of our sins and to believe that in Christ is life. Go to him in prayer and may all those who govern us do this as well. Pray for our Prime Minister that he may seek wisdom in God’s Word.

In closing, I would like to quote Psalm 2: 10-12. “Now, therefore, O kings, be wise, be warned, O rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice in trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he is angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.” This goes for all of us. So we pray that the Lord will guide us all to trust in Him and to serve the Lord.

Auke Bergsma

RE: Canada’s response needs to speed up

Your naive editorial attempting to assess Canada’s response to the COVID 19 crisis is not only a week and a half out of date; it is astonishingly cavalier. We cannot afford such irresponsible, amateurish and intellectually immature editorial comment.  The idea that we should have been waiting for the most incompetent leader in the western world to act before making decisions is almost as absurd as your peculiar idea that it was important to placate him so that he would not close the border. This perception could not have been more backward.

The problem was that the Prime Minister did not respond to pressure to close our borders to Americans soon enough. Our neighbors to the south are doomed by a third world health care system and a dysfunctional government. Cross border visitors have been spreading the virus here for several weeks and store owners have not acted to limit the numbers of customers. Theresa Tam’s limit on gatherings was never 250 but always 50 or fewer and the Superstore in Winkler was jammed with hoarders a week and a half ago.  Medical experts are concerned that we may expect events as tragic as the Italian situation.

Testing is not being done properly so when one reads of two cases having been reported in Southern Manitoba two days ago one can assume that there are at least four hundred by now. Compare the effects of the badly skewed statistics in San Francisco with the actions of the South Korean government that learned from the SARS  experience. South Korea has drive-through test sites. Koreans attempt to test everyone which is absolutely necessary. The term ‘flattening the curve’ refers to a bell graph. If you slow the progress the statistics showing fewer cases at a time show a lower peak on the graph which makes the curve flatter.

Slowing the progress so that we have fewer cases at a time is something we have to do. All public gatherings must be cancelled. The health care system is already overloaded due to cutbacks by the provincial government. People were dying of non-fatal illnesses last summer because of it. There is no capacity to deal with any more coronavirus cases than the reported ones that are currently being treated, only seventeen on the day I am writing this. Winnipeg shut down some time ago and many inhabitants of towns in the south appear oblivious to the danger south of the border that they have already failed to avoid.

Ann La Touche
PH: 204-828-3521