Town urges citizens to reduce water consumption with lower lake levels

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The Town of Carman has released a statement asking residents to conserve their water usage as lake levels are at a low supply.

“The ice breaking up can be a different situation every year, and that happened on the weekend, so now we’re having trouble making water up to the standard that we’re supposed to do and we’re getting low,” said Darcy Hayword, Senior Water Plant Operator. “The reservoir is down to 15 per cent and our tower is about half full. Stephenfield is cranked right up and if we run out before we can start making water to meet the standard they will supply the town like they did a couple of years ago.”

The Town is asking residents to reduce their use of water as much as possible over the coming weeks. The spring break-up of ice means there is a much lower supply and the town will be increasing the amount of water coming directly from the Stephenfield water treatment plant.

“Usually, when you get spring break up you’ll get a runoff and the river will start flowing, we’re not getting that this year,” he said. “It’s thawing and the water is softening up and usually, the turbidity or the clarity, goes way up and it’s easier to deal with because you know what you have to do. Now it is not doing the same thing it usually does so we’re fighting those turbidity levels.”

The notice is because the level of water available for distribution is low. People may notice a drop in water pressure coming from the taps.

“We make an adjustment here and it takes three or four hours to notice anything different,” he adds. “The levels keep getting lower and lower, so that’s why have asked people to conserve.”

Hayword can’t say if the town will be issued a boil advisory at this time.

The public’s assistance in water conservation is greatly appreciated.