Town of Carman looks back at a busy 2018

Carman Mayor Brent Owen speaking about the importance of the Heavenly Care Agency in Carman. (supplied photo)

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In the wake of a municipal election, the town of Carman’s council continued on smoothly as Deputy Mayor Brent Owen was acclaimed to the Mayor position with four returning councillors to help make the transition as clean as possible.

2018 was a big year for the town of Carman with several projects being completed to help improve the quality of living in the town. One thing worth mentioning is the completion of the Highway 13 project according to Owen.

“I think everyone is really happy with how the Highway 13 project wrapped up,” he said. “They finished the sidewalks, the final layer of asphalt went down and signage went up fairly quickly. Everything looks good and it works great. We’ve had positive revues from the whole town. We waited a long time to have this completed and it turned out really well.”

The town of Carman also finished up their first street project in town.

“We worked on the decorative street lights, put in all new sidewalks, added some banners, and we even installed some rope lighting this fall,” said Owen. “There is more to come too. We’re constantly working on that. Next year there is going to be some potted plants, bike racks and benches added to complete the project.”

Another community project the town of Carman was involved with was the new Community. It came to fruition this year and the group involved was able to get the first crop off at the end of the growing season. The town accommodated them with the piece of land and the group put up a fence. The town of Carman also provided some water for the prospective farmers.

“The group of people we have in this town is second to none,” said Owen. “The splash pad committee started with a few moms and grandparents and it evolved into something that they thought was pretty important to the town. It was probably brought online a year earlier than it was supposed to because of the donations they received this year. It was used by a lot of people because of the hot summer.”

It may have come at the end of the year, but another big announcement was made in December as higher internet speeds are officially coming to the town of Carman.

“That’s what the residents have been asking for, faster, more reliable internet, and we’ve been able to provide that for them now,” added Owen.

The town of Carman also went through a boil water advisory late in the year that lasted just over a week.

“Our staff worked diligently with officers of the drinking water office to solve the problem and get things back on track as fast as they could. It worked out very well even though it could’ve been a lot worse. We haven’t heard exactly what fixed the issue but it is taken care of.”

Owen’s looking forward to another busy year in 2019. He says they have some projects planned for the New Year but can’t go into detail on them specifically.