Three youth focus on bringing tourism to Notre Dame

Justin (back), Taya (left) and Janik pose for a photo within the maze. (supplied photo)

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King Korn Maze is in the second year of operation in Notre Dame De Lourdes and the three youngsters who created the tourist attraction, Justin (18), Janik (14) and Taya (12) Grenier have added a couple of new features to help encourage even more people to come out.

“In early July we spend a few days mowing the maze down,” said Justin, oldest of the three siblings. “We have a lot of fun doing it and it works through a lot of communication with family bonding. This year we installed some different things with the maze. We have a new tire play structure, our giant hamster balls, and our mini-golf course.”

Kings Korn Maze was created when the trio wanted to bring a new addition to the town as they felt there really weren’t a plethora of things to do for young people.

“There isn’t that much to do in our area of town,” said Janik. “There really aren’t many big tourist attractions in Notre Dame and we wanted to do this to help bring people in people and entertain the kids around town.”

The corn maze is open from 11-8 throughout the week in August and switches to weekends only from September until the end of the season, when the corn starts to fall or the weather becomes too frigid.

“We have signs around the road and flyers in local buildings and stuff to let people know where we are and what our hours are,” said Taya. “People can just show up and come right in, we’ll be here.”

The road to getting the maze up and running wasn’t easy and all three kids give a lot of credit to the support they received from their parents.

“We like to work on things as a family and our parents have been really supportive and helping us out,” said Janik. “Our dad is a big project type of guy and we can’t thank our parents enough for what they do. Mom helps a lot with the signs and Facebook and stuff, which is important. It really goes a long way the support they give us.”

The new tire play structure and mini-golf course are two new things the group feels people are excited to have in the community.

“Everyone seems to enjoy the maze because it’s a really nice walk and a lot of fun,” said Justin. “As a kid, there wasn’t much to do in the town, and going to the same play structure every day can get a little boring so we wanted to bring something new to Notre Dame.”

The family splits the proceeds made from the maze, but the siblings agree the funds mostly go back into the business to help it continue to grow.