Stress Experts offering tools for emotional and mental wellness

Louise (right) and Elaine Sanders, The Stress Experts, will be coming to Carman to help those struggling with stress in their lives. (supplied photo)

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Carman Dufferin Recreation and Carman Dufferin Safe Communities have teamed up to help people learn effective techniques to lower stress levels by offering the community four sessions with Louise Sanders and the Stress Experts at the Carman Community Hall.

“It’s almost like you need to rewire the way you look at stress, and after years of training we’ll be going over the physiology of what stress is doing to a person’s body and how to change their physiology to handle it in a better way,” said Stress Expert, Louise Sanders. “We help people that are anxious, overwhelmed or people who are tense, to really get control of their life so they can be the best version of themselves.”

Sanders works alongside her sister Elain to help spread the word about removing stress from a person’s life. The Stress Experts did a free presentation last year and Public Education Safety Coordinator with the Carman Dufferin Fire Department Monica Halbesma decided to bring the duo back to Carman for a more in-depth presentation.

“We like to promote mental wellness based on emotional wellness,” said Sanders.   “They really go hand-in-hand.

Sanders started off as a physical therapist and worked in the field for four years before realizing she was limited in how she could help her patients. She knew stress was a contributing factor to everything she was seeing, and at the same time her sister was finishing a degree in nursing and feeling the same way.

“We both knew there was something more for us,” said Sanders. “We then joined together to study more about stress and we came across the HeartMath Institute in California where training programs and coaches offer training to help people deal with stress.”

She adds it’s important for people to understand how everyday things can affect their emotional well-being which can lead to higher stress levels.

“The way we talk about stress nowadays, we’re not talking about physical stress we’re talking about emotional stress,” said Sanders. “The way I define it is an emotional response to a stressor. It’s an unregulated negative emotional response to a stressor, and when I say negative it doesn’t mean bad it’s more of a subtractive quality.”

Stress can be misunderstood, people think it happens and it’s something they have to just grin and deal with, but really what people need are the skills to conquer stress.

“It’s not an outside force, it’s the way you respond to life that is causing you stress,” she added. “It’s not just an event for adults as children can struggle with stress as bad as their parents. In fact, we were asked to go to Miami School as they’re having a wellness day and we’ll be chatting with Grades 7 to 12.”

Sanders relates stress to a story about standing in a line-up, getting impatient is a childish response and will most definitely cause a person stress. She says those little drains on our inner battery are what cause stress and the duo will be talking about how people can recharge their inner battery.

The four sessions run Tuesdays through the month of February from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Carman Community Hall. For more information contact Monica with the Town of Carman at or call 204-745-2443.

Please register for sessions individually at