Spot the Blue W and fill up

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It will be easier to find access to water on hot summer days as the Town of Carman welcomes the Blue W initiative.

Blue W started in Ontario as a program that promotes municipal tap water and provides an accessible alternative to purchasing plastic bottles. Since its inception, it has grown to over 27,000 locations across the country.

Locations with the blue “W” in their window will provide free water for anyone who stops by.

“It’s to allow people that are out and about to know, ‘I need water, I have a water bottle, where can I go to get some water?’” Carman’s Director of Economic Development Tyler King said.

King said the Regional Health Authority approached the town about the project, and said they were happy to get on board.

“We want people to be able to access water,” King said. “We want people to be able to have other reasons to visit our community and be able to interact with the businesses.”

“Because it’s summer time, people need access to water,” he added. “It’s super hot out right now, you want to be able to have that access because we all need to be hydrated to ensure proper health.”

King pointed out that becoming a Blue W provider could be good for businesses as well, as people coming through the door could become customers.

Carman kicked off the initiative at the end of June, joining other communities in southern Manitoba like Winkler and Morden who also participate. Since then, several businesses and organizations have already joined.

Toews Printing and Office Supply, MMJS Law Office, Knockabouts, Clean Water Pro, Carman United Church, the Town of Carman office and Carman Arena were the first to get on board.

“The businesses that are participating think it’s a great initiative,” King said. “Some of them were very enthusiastic to get onto the list.”

King said businesses are on board with the environmental friendliness and the hydration aspects of the program.

King said in a lot of ways the town already provided this service, but the Blue W program is a more formal way of acknowledging that water is available.

King said the town is still contacting other businesses to get them on board.

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