SJ Agronomy leads Thank A Retailer contest

SJ Agronomy is leading ADAMA's Thank a Retailer contest for Manitoba contestants. Roland Air Spray is a close second. (supplied photo)

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ADAMA’s Thank A Retailer is on now and it is going to be a race down to the finish line for two near-by businesses as Roland Air Spray and SJ Agronomy from Miami, Man., are both over the 1,000,000-mark in the race for $15,000 with less than two weeks left in the competition.

“Steve and I started SJ up we wanted to be present in the community and a big community supporter, that was important to us, and we try to keep doing that today,” said James Oakes, owner and sales manager at SJ Agronomy. “We’re very happy the community is behind us, and the surrounding area too, it’s really nice to see them all coming together for this. One of our customers nominated us and they chose the charitable cause to donate the funds too and it’s really special for them to recognize us.”

SJ Agronomy is a fairly new business in the small town of Miami that currently leads Roland Air Spray by 15,000 points.  SJ Agronomy has gone above and beyond by making themselves available to help out in any way in Miami. Tragically in January 2018, the business lost co-owner Steve Livingston, the “S” in SJ. He was a pillar in the community and an integral part of the SJ team.

The organization currently sponsors public skating at the Lloyd Orchard Community Arena so everyone who takes part can do so for free. The arena is an important part of the community and the fate of the minor hockey program was in jeopardy at one point, but as participation numbers improved, so did popularity at the rink.

Now it’s time to spruce up the dressing rooms at the rink as they’re in need of improvement. The rooms are small and difficult to keep clean, and evacuating in an emergency could be difficult so the issue would like to be addressed with the funds if SJ Agronomy wins.

It’s a battle between two businesses as the next closest hopeful in Manitoba is Paterson Grain in Deloraine, who sits at 173,875. SJ Agronomy, as of Monday morning, was leading 1,159,450 while Roland Air Spray is at 1,014,325.

People can help both organizations earn points toward a $15,000 cheque for their prospective groups. Head to

The contest ends February 13, 2019.