SJ Agronomy and Miami rink take Thank A Retailer $15K

One of the basement dressing rooms at the Llyod Orchard Community Arena in Miami, Man. (Aaron Wilgosh/Postmedia)

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It was an exciting five weeks but there can be only one winner, and this year the $15,000 from ADAMA’s ‘Thank a Retailer’ is going to the Llyod Orchard Community Arena as Miami, Man., business SJ Agronomy took home the most in the province and beating out Roland Air Spray with 2,145,500 points.

“It’s nice to see the community and surrounding area getting behind us in this contest,” said James Oakes of SJ Agronomy. “It’s going to be a real boost to the rink and really nice to be able to honour Steve this way. We’re really happy how it all worked out and it couldn’t have happened without all the support from people in the community and surrounding area.”

The $15,000 dedicated to the arena in Miami is going to be a big help as the rink is in need of new dressing rooms. The existing change rooms are small and are currently located in the basement of the facility, making things difficult for emergency exit situations.

“(The rooms) can get dingy at times, and they’re down in the basement so it’s not as safe as we would like,” said Brian Weir, President Llyod Orchard Community Arena. “We would just really like to spruce things up and make it more inviting for everyone. We think we have a really good facility and we would like to offer better dressing rooms.”

The expansion to the main level of the arena may also help bring in older and higher level groups as well as older minor hockey teams, according to Weir.

The group is currently raising funds for the dressing room expansion project but don’t have an estimated cost or fundraising goal set at the moment. Weir says there is a meeting with some of the members next week and they’ll hopefully have an official cost of the project in the coming weeks.

“The Staff at SJ Agronomy went above and beyond to help promote the contest and we owe a big thanks to them,” said Weir. “They were out with flyers and getting the word out through social media and helping everyone. It was incredible everyone who played the game, it really showed how committed the people were to this project.”

Right now the Miami rink is welcoming businesses to pick up new advertising signs that will hang from the rafters. Weir says anyone interested in getting involved can give him a call at (204)-745-8274. The signage is 3×4 feet and would hang from rafters of the building.

“It was really exciting going through the contest with the community and how engaged everyone was,” he adds. “Winning this money it will really push us closer to doing some major dressing room upgrades even an expansion onto the existing arena.”

The other three winning AG retails to receive $15K to spend on good causes in their communities include Horizon Fertilizer of Bruno, Sask., Olds Fertilizers and Sundre Soil Services of Olds, Alta., and M&R Feeds and Farm Supply from Pembroke, Ont., also won their respective contests.

ADAMA thanks supporters

ADAMA has been overwhelmed by the amount of activity we’ve seen over the past 5 weeks, and we appreciate each and every one of our nominees and participants for their dedication to their communities.

Thank you for playing, and we hope to see you next year!