Register for Manitoba ShootOut in support of CMH

Mick E Moose taking part in the Manitoba ShootOut earlier this year. (supplied photo)

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The Manitoba ShootOut is offering a chance for minor hockey organizations in the Pembina Valley a chance to earn some cash as the hockey skills shooting competition is making a stop at Carman Ford April 15-20, after finishing up at Greenvalley Equipment on April 13.

“This is a big awareness campaign for the Manitoba Shootout and we really want to get businesses and minor hockey teams involved in this free event for kids and players,” said Manitoba Shootout president, Jeff Chapman. “The reason why it’s free for the kids is because we have corporate sponsors that help out and our big ones are Janzen Chevrolet/Buick/GMC and Greenvalley Equipment in Winkler/Morden, and in Carman, Carman Ford and Roland Air Spray, and we’re also hoping to hear from Greenland Equipment too.”

The Manitoba ShootOut is a fun, all-season-long hockey sharpshooting competition in support of youth hockey. No experience is necessary to take part and everyone is welcome. Bragging rights, awards, and prizes are given out based on multiple criteria including age, level of experience/skill, coach, player, men and women, boys and girls, goalies, teams, leagues, and any other criteria that may come up.

Shooters must register online before shooting and parents must register any children taking part. If a child was a registered as a minor hockey player through the 2018/2019 season, then that child, after being registered, is automatically invited to come down with teammates and coaches as a group to take a free turn as part of a 20-minute team-builder session.

“We bring the team in and together they build a five-person best team score scorecard,” said Chapman. “We’ll have a team award, goalie division, moms, dads, it really depends how many people go through. We have a lot of categories and we’re happy to announce those awards and hand out some prizes at the end.”

Each minor hockey team will compete, along with coaches and team manager, to build a best five-person team Scorecard. Coaches and Team Managers shoot last and can earn one spot on the team scorecard. Managers and teams can register in advance to schedule a time-slot at

All participants must compete with their three teammates in the case of the four-person adult team category. They are also welcome to stop by Carman Ford to take their own turn provided there aren’t any team back-logs or line-ups with a $10 donation per turn. Registered participants can visit at their leisure and watch and cheer.

The exciting factor is the more teams that register and participate in support of a local hockey association, like Carman, Altona, Morden, or Notre Dame, the more will go toward the town’s local minor hockey association.

“We’ll redistribute all the money based on how many teams register,” adds Chapman. “In conjunction with how many business teams get associated to each certain team. So if Carman puts together four corporate teams and six minor hockey teams show up, and 100 teams register in all, Carman Minor Hockey would get 10 per cent of the total funds raised.”

Carman Ford, along with Carman Minor Hockey, is encouraging businesses in the region to sign up and stop in at Carman ford between April 15-20 to take part and raise some funds for CMH. Enter a four-person team for 10-minutes of hockey sharpshooting fun and friendly business-vs-business competition. Registration is open and the competition is free for all minor hockey players in the Pembina Valley, coaches, and team managers.

The event wraps up at Greenvalley Equipment Saturday, April 13. It will be set up in Carman Ford Monday to Friday from 3:30-5 p.m. and 9-5 p.m. Saturday, April 20.

People can go to the website, four-person team with a 100$ entrance fee and if they register in name of Carman Minor Hockey a percent of what was raised will go back to the organization.