PVWD welcomes new partners, continues strong work

Pembina Valley Conservation District Main Board Members - Walter McTavish, George Jackson, Murray Seymour, Les Titchkosky, missing - Ted Ross. (supplied photo)

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Effective January 1, 2020, the Province of Manitoba has proclaimed The Watershed District Act.

According to Climate Minister Sarah Guillemard who stated, “Our government is committed to becoming Canada’s cleanest, greenest, most climate-resilient province, and an important part of achieving that goal is to ensure the sustainability of our wetlands and watershed today, and for generations to come.”

The Pembina Valley Watershed District (PVWD) is excited to welcome our new partners and continue our work with our existing partners from the Pembina Valley Conservation District. Although the transition is a positive for our district, it does mean saying goodbye to five of our current main board members.

Many thanks are owed to Murray Seymour (1995 – 2019), Walter McTavish (1999 – 2019), Les Titchkosky (2006 – 2019), George Jackson (1989 – 2019) and Ted Ross (2008 – 2019). The organization would also like to recognize the following sub-district board members for their many contributions to the PVCD as well: Rob Harms, Brian Andrew, Don Sharpe, Scott Dyck, Benny DeRuyck, Robert Hiebert, Lucien Lesage, Gilbert Vigier, Phil Friesen and Sheldon Guenther. These men had been instrumental in the planning of the PVCD with new conservation ideas and opportunities for the board to pursue. Their continuing passion and commitment to work on conservation projects within the district have always been evident, and they have all certainly left their mark on our landscape!

With the transition to the Pembina Valley Watershed District, we will continue to address overall water management and water quality which is a very important step towards mitigating climate change locally and globally.

January 15, 2020, the PVWD will hold its first Annual General Meeting, where a new Board will be appointed, and we will carry on, business as usual.

For more information or any questions regarding Pembina Valley Watershed District programming, please contact our office at 204-242-3267 or email pvcd@mtsmail.ca.