Poverty Reduction Committee releases results of roundtable

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The year 2020 is a memorable year to start something new for the benefit of our whole community!

In response to the valuable input from the community at the Roundtable to Address Poverty in Carman/Dufferin last November, the group has clearly identified some needs to which the community as a whole can work together to find a community solution.

The Poverty Reduction Committee would like to invite you to volunteer on any of the following community working groups to begin addressing these needs:

Poverty Reduction Steering Committee: To provide oversight and support to working groups for ongoing planning and communication.
Working Group: To establish a central community location/navigator for individuals to access information and navigate services.
Working Group: To create a comprehensive, centralized Community Resource List that is accessible to all community residents.
Working Group: To increase options for accessible and affordable transportation
Working Group: To increase access and options for fresh affordable food.
Working Group: To increase educational and employment opportunities.
Working Group: To increase access and options to mental health and addiction services (link with the existing Mental Health Committee)
Working Group: To increase quality affordable housing options in our community.
Working Group: To increase access to affordable leisure and recreational activities for children, youth and adults.

Please contact Chantal Chevalier at cchevalier@southernhealth.ca or contact by phone at 1-204-856-9696  to let us know where you would like to become involved.

Please respond by January 28, 2020.

Community solutions are most effective and strongest with the involvement of community residents of all ages; including those with lived experience of poverty, those who provide supports and services, those who govern our community and oversee our built environment, those who provide education, training, employment, and those who have a desire to support and empower others within our community.  We look forward to working together with many of you.

  • The Poverty Reduction Committee