People gather to discuss Communities in Bloom in Carman

The Communities in Bloom logo. (supplied logo)

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The interest in making Carman a little brighter is blossoming.

The first many Communities in Bloom meetings was held last month at the Golden Prairie Arts Council in the Town of Carman and it seems people can’t wait to get started making the community an even better place to live.

“The first meeting was very successful,” says Susan Mooney, one of the organizers of the first meeting. “28 representing different organizations and came out with interest in beautifying their neighbourhood, maybe their own backyards, and a lot of ideas were going around. It was a great night with likeminded people discussing the idea of Communities in Bloom.”

The night started with a presentation about Communities in Bloom and what that would mean for the community. The Chairperson for Communities in Bloom circa 2001-02 opened up about what it did for the community and all of the successes that followed.

“The question was put to the audience and the meeting started that way, and at the end of the meeting the goal was to get an idea of whether people would like to proceed with Communities in Bloom or not,” said Mooney. “So everyone broke apart with about 10 minutes to spare in the meeting to talk amongst themselves and it was a resounding yes to get involved in Communities in Bloom.”

A steering committee was created at the end of the evening with several people hopping on board to ensure the project moves forward. The group will dive into what the project really entails for the community.

“The very first goal of this is to involve volunteers of all ages to work together to beautify the community,” she said. “The guidelines are there for communities to use when they are looking to join the competition and we’ll be following strict criteria.”

The areas to keep close to are tidiness effort, environmental action – which involves things like waste reduction, composting, water conservation, climate – heritage conservation, urban forestry, landscaped areas and floral displays.

“We’ll prioritize what is happening next with some organization behind it thanks to the steering committee. In order to have community volunteers, we need to get the word out to them by saying that this is happening,” added Mooney.

The group plans to meet one more time toward the end of May. The steering committee will focus on ideas like increasing public awareness of the campaign and searching for possible areas of significance.