Nive Lives Fashions donates to Boyne Personal Care Home Project

Marge Warkentin (right) hands over the cash earned through Nine Lives Fashion's jewelry donations. (Aaron Wilgosh/Postmedia)

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Owner of Nine Lives Fashions Marge Warkentin’s Jewelry Donation Program has given over $14,000 to local groups and organizations to date after Monday’s donation to the Boyne Personal Care Home project.

“They were doing a big fundraiser for their new building and we like to try and do something current as far as what our jewellery money goes toward and the personal care home project was what we chose this year,” said Warkentin. “I think we started doing this in 2011. It’s been a very workable kind of way to support the community which is something I really enjoy doing.”

Nine Lives we have a Jewelry Donation Program that has been raising funds for various local agencies for the past eight years. 2018 donations were designated for the new Personal Care Home Project before Warkentin gets going on the store’s 2019 charitable organization the Boyne Regional Library Renovation and Expansion project.

Since the program began Nine Lives Fashions has donated approximately $14,000 to agencies including Carman Palliative Care, the Family Resource Centre, the Kin Splash Pad, The theatre at Carman Collegiate, Habitat for Humanity and Carman HandiVan.

“We’re very pleased with the support we’ve got through the entire project as it remains top of mind for people in the community and we’re very thankful for this generous donation,” said Brent VanKoughnet, board member with the Personal Care Home Project committee. “The project means something to people here and that’s showing, even people who are looking to get some new jewelry got involved by helping out at Nine Lives.”

Anyone with jewelry can get involved with the charitable side of fashion as donated pieces will immediately be put out for others to view and purchase through donation.

“The consigners don’t get anything and they know that it’s just for the donation to whatever group we’re raising money for,” said Warkentin. “A lot of people have jewelry that they aren’t using and may never use and it’s been interesting because we have people that put 5 cents in and then there are people that will put $20 to $30 in so we get all different kinds of support from people in Carman.”

The Jewelry Donation Program is currently underway at Nine Lives Fashion. Stop in to pick up some new pieces or donate some jewelry as well.

More than just jewelry

Nine Lives Fashions isn’t just donating cash, as Warkentin notes, the business is also big on donating clothes to charities around the province.

“Almost all the clothes that don’t sell here are donated to various agencies,” she adds. “Genesis house gets some things, the pregnancy centre, some resources in the city get them. We have a back room that has been discounted and once it has been back there for a month is goes out. So not only are consigners getting money for their products customers are getting a good price, but lots of clothes go into various agencies.”

Warkentin is pleased her business is able to contribute in many ways to different communities.