New ball diamonds becoming a reality

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The Town of Carman and the RM of Dufferin, along with The Carman and Area Ball Diamond Building project committee and Carman Minor Ball, are pleased to announce that after years of planning and a few months of fundraising, the proposed ball diamond building project has been given the green light to proceed with construction starting May 2019.

“We’re waiting for a final blueprint design and we’ve already hired two people to come and do construction for us,” said Derek MacLean, project coordinator. “The first group in will be coming in and taking care of the tile drainage and then we’ll have someone take care of all the scraping and levelling for us. By the time we get to the end of June, there will be quite the different landscape out there.”

All groups are very excited about this announcement and would also like to recognize all of the local business, corporate and individual sponsors that helped to make the project a reality by donating up to $500,000 in monetary donations and services in kind.

“I think the community is excited about it,” said MacLean. “The support was phenomenal in such a short time frame. We’re not done fundraising. Currently, we’re just over $500,000 raised and our estimated cost will be $750,000. We’ve worked with sponsors to bring the original number down from $1,000,000 thanks to great support but we’re still $250,000 away from the full complex.”

MacLean feels if everything works out and Mother Nature cooperates, the Town of Carman will have diamonds ready for the kids to use in the next year or so.

“It’s important to note depending on funds available we’re building six diamonds but if more fundraising comes in until July we’ll build more,” added MacLean. “It’s important that people understand we haven’t stopped (fundraising), we’re still hoping for some corporation dollars we’re waiting for answers on. A lot of people are visual so once we get our signs up and they start seeing the groundwork happening they’ll be excited to hop on board.”

The building project committee will be seeking volunteers in the future to do some work bees at the site for specific portions of the project once things progress forward.

“We’ll eventually hire someone to do the interior work and irrigation but right now we’re waiting on final tenders for that part,” said MacLean.