More donations needed to reach Phase 1 goal at Boyne Regional Library

The Boyne Regional Library renovation committee is hopeful construction on Phase 1 in 2019. (supplied photo)

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The Boyne Regional Library Expansion and Renovation Committee had a big 2018 with nearly $400,000 raised toward Phase 1 of construction.

“I was just looking at our books and at this time last year we had in the bank and pledges around $463,000 and at this point in 2018 we have $840,000 including what we’ve paid to our architect,” said committee chair, Dale Owen.

All money raised by the group has been through community donations and fundraising events held over the course of the year. No government money was involved and Owen says they have only received three or four grants to help out, the largest at $25,000.

“We’re still not at our goal of $910,000 which we need to hit before we can get shovels in the ground started on Phase 1, and we’re closing in on it, but we’re not there yet,” said Owen. “We are definitely doing a push and we want to be able to start in the spring if we can but we still need to reach that initial goal of $910K.”

Events were held throughout the year including a bail you out day where people would need community support to get released from ‘jail’. The committee also saw a lot of support through the Elizabeth McIver Challenge that happened over the summer.

“I can’t tell you what it has raised to date but it certainly is a lot. We also had two cash calendars in the summer, we did some work at the fair to raise funds and in September we did a wine tasting event,” added Owen. “Wine Survivor has been a big hit in the community as well as two events sold out in record time.”

There is not much time to get donations in before the end of the 2018 tax season and Owen says it’s a great way for people to donate while getting a break on their taxes.

“We recently held a tax benefit of donating event recently in conjunction with the Area Foundation and other charitable groups,” she added. “We’ve had people say they were planning to donate this year and we just want to remind them that we still need the donations to help push us passed that goal.”

Owen feels the organizations is less than $80K away from their first goal, and with nearly $400K raised through the year another $80,000 should be doable. The committee needs to hit their estimated goal of $910,000 before they can get any of the tenders out for work on the Boyne Regional Library.