Lining up for Borscht and Pie at Carman Mennonite Church

Amanda Redpath (right) serving up some soup at the Borscht and Pie fundraiser held at Carman Mennonite Church. (Aaron Wilgosh/Postmedia)

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Nearly $4,000 was raised for The Back Door Youth Centre and the Boyne Regional Library Expansion and Renovation Project at the Borscht and Pie Fundraiser held at the Carman Mennonite Church Friday night in Carman, Man.

“It was nuts down there at points,” said food coordinator with the church, Amanda Redpath. “The churches in Carman are very community oriented, including the Carman Mennonite Church. We like to rally for the community and now we’re donating all the proceeds to the community in the idea of making it better.”

The annual dinner always brings a large crowd as hot soups are dished out to help raise funds for a cause in the area. The soups always change a little year to year, and this year, the group had more than a couple of great flavours.

“We served up Summa Borscht, a nice farmer sausage and potato-based soup,” said Redpath. “Komst borscht too, which is a cabbage borscht, and we do chicken noodle as well. There are a lot of kids in the early part of the event and they really enjoy it but it goes quick.”

There were also several types of pie for people to enjoy as dessert.

“Everything was all volunteer-made from the church and the people here,” she adds. “Pies, buns, the soups, everything was provided by the church. We were really happy to see so many people come out and support the event again.”

The event has been happening longer than Redpath has been with the church but another member said the fundraiser has been going on for over 30 years.

The funds will be split 50/50 between the Back Door Youth Centre and the Boyne Regional Library Expansion and Renovation Project.

“For them to think of us it really is amazing,” said Director of the Back Door Youth Centre, Tyler Friesen. “When they throw a fundraiser on your behalf, that’s really special. We’re looking to add on to the drop-in in the coming years. Right now we’re working with an architect and we’re quietly approaching business for initial funding for the project.”

The drop-in centre is open Wednesday’s after school and three days a week during the evening. There is also a girl’s night every other week along with Thursday lunches for high school students.

“There are some nights where we feel a little overwhelmed especially during the winter,” said Friesen. “We’d also like to have some more room for those lunches or events that we hold here at the centre.”

The Library Expansion/Renovation committee will add the funds to their total in hopes of starting Phase 1 and 2 of the renovation.