Keeping it casual for a cause at Carman's Access Credit Union

Staff of the Carman Access Credit Union pose for photo with the cheque they provided to Carman Palliative Care. (Supplied photo)

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Employees of Access Credit Union in Carman participated in casual Friday again this year as part of the group’s charitable giving work wear program, and after months of comfy Friday’s, it’s Carman Palliative Care who received a $3,528 donation.

“Here at the Carman branch [the staff] decided to give the entire amount to one organization to try and make a larger impact rather than splitting it between multiple organizations,” said Tim Doerksen, Regional Manager – North, Access Credit Union.  “We then compiled a list of possible charities to donate to and then the staff votes to identify the charity we most want to help.  We will narrow it down to 2 final candidates and then we have a final vote.”

This year, the group decided to donate the funds raised through weekly pay deductions to the Carman Palliative Care group because of the wonderful work they do for the people Carman and the RM of Dufferin.

“We know that they do not receive any government funding to run the program and they need the donated funds to keep doing amazing work,” said Doerksen. “We wanted to help this very worthy cause. Our community is very lucky to have a Palliative Care Program and we wish to support the great work they do.”

Access Credit Union started the casual Friday work wear program a few years ago. All employees that choose to participate can donate money into a pool every payday at each branch. The money accumulates throughout the year and every October the staff of the Carman branch decides which local charitable organization will receive the funds. Access Credit Union then matches the funds and it is added to what the branch accumulates.

Carman Palliative Care will use the funds to purchase four brand new Isogel mattresses for the Boyne Lodge Personal Care Home.