Junior boys curling scholarship created in memory of Pat Rutter

Ken Rutter (right) and his children were in attendance at Curl Manitoba's junior provincial championship to make the announcement about The Pat Rutter Memorial Junior Boys Scholarship. (Supplied by Curl Manitoba)

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The Pat Rutter Memorial Junior Boys Scholarship was created by Ken Rutter of Carman to honour his late wife, and it was officially presented by Curl Manitoba at the Junior Provincial Championships earlier this month.

“This was something my wife and I had always talked about because there was a scholarship for junior girls but no scholarship for junior boys,” said Rutter. “We felt that the boys deserved a scholarship as well as it just wasn’t fair and after my wife passed away in May last year I really wanted to get this done to honour her.”

Rutter says even before his wife’s funeral he was already in touch with Curl Manitoba to get the scholarship set up. Curl Manitoba thought the idea was amazing and invited Rutter to come in and get everything set up.

“We have 3 kids and they are all competitive junior curlers, one has aged out but the other two are still curling. It would take us 30 or 40 minutes to get across the curling club because my wife knew so many people in the curling world,” explained Rutter. “She was very warm and personable and she was all about sportsmanship.”

Ken Rutter telling a touching story about his wife and how she loved the sport of curling. (Supplied by Curl Manitoba)

The announcement of the new scholarship took place during the Opening Ceremonies of the junior provincial championship held at the Heather Curling Club in Winnipeg. Rutter and his children were invited to speak and present the details of the scholarship to prospective junior curlers.

“Pat was adopted and she considered everyone in the curling world part of her adopted family. Sportsmanship was number one for her as it is the gentlemanly sport of curling. Etiquette, she wasn’t a fan of broom slappers, and she was an encourager, she would even wish the opposition team well.”

When asked how his wife would feel about the new scholarship Rutter replied, “She would be excited about it. She would also be very humble and say why me? But she would be glad it’s set up.”

Everything for the scholarship fund is already set up through the Winnipeg Foundation. To be able to apply for the scholarship curlers must fit the following criteria: Any active junior men’s curler entering or currently enrolled in post-secondary education may apply if affiliated as a junior during the year of application. All applicants must have an average of 70%. Applications will soon be made available on the CurlManitoba website.

Rutter made his initial payment into the fund in December and will be making one more in September. It will be a yearly $1,000 scholarship.

“We set it up as a capital fund with the Winnipeg Foundation, and they’ll manage it the same way they manage close to a billion dollars,” he said. “It will continue work off of the interest gained off the capital donated, which will be over $20,000 so it will continue every year.”

Curl Manitoba is excited to honour Pat’s memory with this scholarship.

“When Ken Rutter approached Curl Manitoba it was a matter of how do we make this scholarship happen, not if we can,” said Curl Manitoba Executive Director, Craig Baker. “To have someone ‘Pay It Forward’ in this aspect is fantastic. Pat’s legacy will live on indefinitely and numerous junior curlers will be able to benefit from the generosity of the Rutter Family.  Thank you, Ken and the Rutter family.”

The Pat Rutter Memorial Junior Men’s Scholarship is supported by the Curling for Life Endowment Fund. Click the link for donation details.