Homestead Co-op open Sundays

The Homestead Co-op Food Store in Carman will be open Sundays starting December 23. (supplied photo)

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Sunday shoppers will be out in force as the Homestead Co-op Food Store in Carman will officially be opening their doors Sundays from 12-6 p.m. starting December 23 and into 2019.

“Our gas bar and other retail locations are open but this will be new for Carman Foods,” said Jason Rheault, Homestead Co-op General Manager. “I think it’s going to be a benefit for the community for people to get some of that weekend shopping done right here in town. We’ll have all the fresh departments open. The only thing that won’t be open is the pharmacy at this time.”

The people of Carman have mixed emotions the opening of the store on Sunday. Rheault explains the decision to be open seven days a week was discussed for years amongst members and definitely wasn’t taken lightly.

“A lot of people feel that Sunday should be a day of rest and we understand that,” he said. “There’s a good chunk of our members that have asked for this for years now and there is a group in the community that is against having it open as well. There are definitely some pros and cons but the pros will help with our fresh departments, an extra day to sell is big, the building costs don’t change, all of our fixed costs don’t really change the only cost we have is the staff costs.”

Another question Rheault has been hearing is why the sudden change right before Christmas. The Homestead Co-op Food Store in Carman will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and with a half day Monday, it just worked out that Sunday’s opening would be very beneficial to those needing to stock up before the holidays.

“For many families (Sunday) is their time to do their shopping because a lot are working Monday to Friday and don’t have a choice but to shop on the weekends,” he adds. “We don’t know what to expect in terms of business or sales. Typically this time of year our food store is very busy right before Christmas, we’ll figure it out and hopefully, we staff it properly.”

One benefit to the extra day will be very helpful to fresh products like bakery goods, vegetables and meat. The Homestead Co-op Food Store in Carman will be open Sundays starting December 23.