Homeless James Caughill stops in

Homeless James made his way through Carman recently. (supplied photo)

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A long hike doesn’t even begin to describe his journey.

Homeless James Caughill and Muckwah are famous online for their trek across Canada to raise awareness and about homeless shelters not accepting pets while people are at their lowest and since starting, James has found real success.

In 2016, Caughill found himself without a roof over his head and when he attempted to get into a homeless shelter he was informed he would have to first get rid of his dog Muckwah. Soon after, Caughill realized shelters across Canada wouldn’t allow pets and that set off his goal of crossing the country to raise awareness.

Caughill’s partner in crime Muckwah, unfortunately, passed away earlier this year but one shelter has been named after the pooch, which inspired Caughill to continue with his mission. He plans to release a book as well with proceeds going to fund three Muckwah memorial shelters.

Homeless James is now joined by Muck, a one-third malamute, one-third Siberian husky and one-third timberwolf, who was born in northern Manitoba.  The walker has already made it more than  3,300 kilometres and travels about 10 to 15 kilometres every day. He refuses to walk during the winter as well as days when the temperature is too hot for his furry companion.

The duo recently made the trip through the Town of Carman along with some other nearby communities like Homewood, where he was hosted by Ida Charette, who runs the Homewood Canada Post out of her home.

While in Carman, Syl’s Drive Inn owner Travis Ens offered to help out and even rented a hotel room for Homeless James and Muck in town.