Heat may lead to lower yields in area

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The hot and dry summer hasn’t been helpful to Carman area farmers who can be seen out combining their spring wheat fields as soybean and corn crops may both see lower yields than average thanks to the stale summer southern Manitoba has been experiencing so far.

“Most of the guys I know growing spring wheat have just kind of started combining today,” says Owner/operator of Russell Grains 3000 Ltd., Tyler Russell. “That is pretty typical in the area here. We’re hoping to try and get some done tonight or at the latest get rolling on the fields tomorrow.”

Russell Grains currently has soybeans, corn, spring wheat, and the family farm is even growing pinto beans. “We’ll be getting the pinto beans taken care of toward the end of the week which is abnormally early for them,” Russell adds.

Soybeans may have missed the boat thanks to the low moisture levels as well. Russell expects a lot of the crops in the area, especially south of Carman, to be hit hard by drought stress and he feels yields will be significantly deteriorated.

“The ones that are just getting heat stressed now, those yields are going backwards,” he says. “A rain would help some of them but for the most part, it might be too late for a few of them in the area. Right now, a rain would be welcome, but it’s more about wanting it for next year rather than this year.”

Corn could also use a good watering and any moisture is welcome to help with next year’s crop.