Gladys in Wonderland takes the stage this week

Cast members on stage at the Carman Community Theatre at Carman Collegiate Theatre for rehearsals for Gladys in Wonderland. (Supplied photo)

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It’s almost showtime!

Carman’s theatre group ‘Back on Cue’ is nearly set for their first performance since reforming the group earlier this year and this year’s production ‘Gladys in Wonderland’ hits the stage at Carman Community Theatre at Carman Collegiate November 15-16, 2019.

“It’s a really heartwarming sort of slice of life show more than anything, a glimpse into Gladys’ life,” said Director, Theresa Cronin. “She’s 87 years old and death is knocking on her door but she’s not quite ready to go yet. The play itself deals with a lot of those different themes like realizing your own mortality and looking at what you’re leaving behind.”

Back on Cue officially decided on the play in the summertime, and after auditions/casting, and a few weeks of reading and memorizing, the group started to hit the stage for rehearsals.

“It has been a lot of work and commitment and all on a volunteer basis,” explained Cronin. “We got together in June, end of June or so, to find a script. Once we found it we did casting, and by early July every roll was cast. Then mid-July we were able to get every script out and we took the summer to review the script and character work, most important be off the book as best as they could.”

Cronin wasn’t slated to be the director of the upcoming performance but when the original director had to drop out of the show, Cronin decided it would be a good fit for herself.

“What had happened was there were auditions happening, and having a background in theatre I thought about going,” she said. “I went to a meeting and the original director had other things going on and had to excuse himself so I jumped in.”

Cronin says it’s a really neat show and encourages people to take it in as she doesn’t want to give away too much now.

“It’s about how Gladys deals with death and it brings people to help to help her make the decision to go or stay,” said Cronin. “It’s a really great piece for our community. There are a lot of different roles in our community that kind of deal with this. Caretaker, volunteer and things like that, so we hope everyone enjoys it.”

The group has been rehearsing three days a week since the start of September. Luckily they’ve had the Carman Collegiate Theatre a couple of days a week, the other day the group practices where they can.

“With no money and being a startup we’ll practices in basements at times, and even outside with permitting weather,” she added. “This is a group that really hasn’t been on stage before but we have some folks that have been big advocates for the theatre themselves. Maybe they did a show in high school 20 years ago, but it’s an absolute passion project for everyone. They will leave their hearts on stage, even when it comes to costume design and set work. It’s really special.”

Get down to BSI Insurance in Carman to pick up tickets to the upcoming show. Cast members also have tickets available for purchase. For more information search Back on Cue Theatre on Facebook.