Curl for Cancer pushes for $1-million raised

It was a packed house for this year's Carman Curl for Cancer at the Carman Community Hall. (Aaron Wilgosh/Postmedia)

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2019 Curl for Cancer is in the books as over 200 people took part in the day of curling at the Carman Golf and Curling Club and auction/celebration at the Carman Community Saturday, November 2, all in hopes of raising funds for local cancer support organizations and possibly breaking the $1-million total raised.

“The event went really well,” said Curl For Cancer committee member, Haley McIntosh. “I was curling and it was a great time. The curling club was busy all day and it really all came together as a whole.”

Curlers took to the ice throughout the day with a different style of game for each draw. The change-up adds a bit more of a ‘for fun’ aspect to the competition.

“We have done a different game style in each end in the past and sometimes the whole game is played with a twist to encourage people to have a little more fun while out on the ice,” explained McIntosh.

The Carman Community Hall was the venue for the dinner, auction and celebration portion of Curl for Cancer. The group decided to move to the hall in 2018 with hopes of bringing in a larger crowd and raising more funds.

“The Hall is a great addition to the event itself because we want to get as many people out as possible,” she said. “I’m not sure if we’ll have it there every year, but it really makes for a great crowd. There is so much more space there. We capped at 190 at the curling club and this year we sold tickets for 230 people at the community hall on Saturday. We wouldn’t be able to accommodate all of those people if we just held it at the curling club again.”

McIntosh says the larger venue does create a little extra for work their committee and the volunteers involved as the group needs to hire a caterer for the event while managing the bar themselves.

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“That does bring in a little more money that we can give back in the end,” said McIntosh. “There were a lot of great prizes for the silent auction, rainbow auction and live auction. It’s nice to have those options because if it’s just the live and the silent auction, sometimes things can get a little pricey, so having the rainbow auction and being able to bid on the centerpieces just adds another dynamic way to donate.”

The group is hopeful they will be able to reach the $1-million raised mark thanks to the 2019 event but total amounts raised haven’t been totaled as of Monday afternoon.

“It will be close,” she added. “Because we have it in the hall we have to figure everything out. We haven’t returned any of the extra alcohol yet because the liquor store wasn’t open. We’re still collecting tabs from the bar and then we need to have our wrap up meeting. It makes us nervous because we were hoping to get over that mark but we are happy with whatever we can donate.”

The groups receiving donations from the Carman Curl for Cancer event include Carman Palliative Care, Canadian Cancer Society, South Central Cancer Resource and Cancer Care Manitoba. Last year an additional group was added to coincide with the event’s guest speaker was with.