Cougar activity on Sulpher Mountain

Photo credit Parks Canada file photo.

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Residents at the Banff Springs Hotel’s staff accommodation had some interesting neighbours just outside their back doors on December 27.

Parks Canada said two cougars were hunting and killed a young deer then dragged it into the forest on the lower slopes of Sulphur Mountain. A 72-hour closure of the area was taken as precaution afterwards.

Members of the public reported they had heard a deer in distress and coyotes howling on Dec. 27. Upon investigation, Parks Canada staff discovered a cougar had killed the deer, and dragged the carcass 100 metres into a forested area, where it was well hidden.

Parks Canada officials recommend if you are unlucky enough to come across a cougar, try not to panic and follow these instructions: Give the animal space to escape. Pick up your kids and pets. They might be tempting. Do not run. The cougar will always win a chase. If necessary, make yourself big and aggressive. Throw sticks and stones if it gets to that point. Keep away from cougar kittens. A frightened mother can be aggressive and irrational in any species.