Community Health Centre grows over 2018

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The Carman Community Health Centre served many people in need in the Carman area over 2018 and will continue to meet the needs of the people as patient numbers continue to grow.

“We hire doctors and physicians to care for the needs of our community and surrounding area and we expanded through the 2018 year,” said board chairman, Les Vanderveen. “We added a third full-time physician bringing us up to three full-time doctors, one and a half nurse practitioners, and three physicians who assist on a part-time basis at the Carman Community Health Centre.”

The Health Centre’s patient base is solidifying and as the board continues to work on physician recruitment. Vanderveen looks forward to the clinic growing in 2019 as more people from around the region get set up with a family doctor at the clinic.

“We may be looking at acquiring additional equipment that doctors can use for family practice but as of yet we don’t have anything on the near horizon,” said Vanderveen. “We might look at something toward the end of 2019 but as of yet, we don’t have anything coming up that we need. That being said, we do understand we have a very caring community and if the need arises and we believe support can be garnered from the residents of the community and surrounding area if we need it.”

Carman Community Health Centre continues to look at ways of adding to the work and outreach of the facility and one of those areas is mental health awareness.

“We are working in cooperation with other members of the community and outreach groups by trying to assist in the need for mental health awareness and we’re trying to show residents where they can seek help when needed in that area,” he said. “Dufferin Ag Society has been a big help with that and we are grateful to be associated with them.”

The Dufferin Ag Society began raising funds for Mental Health Awareness through their summer tractor pull and partnering with the health centre.

“That event is only going to grow because that need is very apparent and our efforts will continue to grow along with the need,” added Vanderveen.

The Centre is constantly seeing new patients sign up with doctors at the facility. One physician on staff has a full practice while others have room to add. Vanderveen says the organization will continue to recruit but it is not as serious as it was in the past when the Centre had just doctor with a few coming in on a part-time basis.

“We certainly haven’t closed the door on bringing in more doctors and we have been looking at recruiting for years,” said Vanderveen. “We try to be aware of what is needed at the Centre. Doctors were our primary need at first but it has grown beyond that. We’re trying to work with [doctors] to promote good health and speak about the health services offered in the community.”

The lab is adjacent to the health centre at the hospital, anything needed is sent to the hospital for that.

Walk-in appointments continue to work smoothly as appointments are usually done by the doctors who are on call at the time. It can make it difficult to have scheduled appointments on those certain days according to Vanderveen, meaning patients will just see physicians in a walk-in fashion.

“We appreciate the support we get from our regional health authority, Southern Health Sante Sud,” added Vanderveen. “They have worked with us on the healthcare and services we needed in the community while keeping the Emergency Room open in Carman and that continues to get busier.”

Get in touch with the Carman Community Health Centre to book an appointment or find a family doctor.