Chamber offers tips on how to continue supporting local business

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The combination of a global pandemic and global economic crisis is new and dangerous territory and it takes everyone working together to keep the spread of the COVID-19 virus to a minimum.

“We have a dilemma whereby we want to achieve the isolation/social distancing needed to lessen the transmission of this virus and still support the local businesses that we need here for the long term,” said Carman Community Chamber of Commerce executive director, Jodi Winkler. “And to find the best way through this we would like the members of our community to consider a few different initiatives.”

Social distancing and/or isolation – The best way to “flatten the curve” and get ahead of this pandemic is to quickly stop the spread by stopping human interaction. Some businesses may have to close their doors for a period, while some will need to stay open to serve you.

Should you visit local businesses?

  • If you have travelled outside of Canada in the last 2 weeks you are to be in self-isolation and should not interact with people at all. Please refer to the government guidelines to achieve this.
  • If you can do your business by phone, text or email you should.
  • You should call ahead to confirm if the business in question is prepared to serve you.
  • Options such as delivery, takeout or organized shopping times may help us to accommodate your needs and help us manage social contact.

Supporting local business – The coming months, maybe years may be very difficult for local businesses. Your support has never been as important as it is right now. We recognize that the economic crisis that is in parallel with this health crisis is severe and will undoubtedly hurt many people. Please be ready to support our local businesses now and especially as soon as this crisis passes.

Helping one another – The business community has always worked with each other and with the citizens in the time of need. This time the community may face some new challenges, and to most people, this is new territory.

“We as a business community want to begin by offering to help each other and helping any and all of our community members as we can,” adds Winkler. “We will be working together to find solutions where people need things around the community.”

Get in touch with the Chamber if you need any of the following.

  • Supplies of any kind can be shared between businesses or members of the community should they be in short supply.
  • Support for workers, replacement workers, technology and other ways to help businesses that have staffing challenges.
  • Care and attention to the elderly. It is critical that they not be exposed and yet social interaction is important. Staying in contact by phone, making sure they have groceries and supplies, and generally accommodating their needs without exposing them is the most important thing we can do right now.
  • Daycare may be a challenge in the coming weeks. We should consider how we can help those that rely on daycare if it is not available.
  • Delivery of goods and services is one way we can help people remain somewhat isolated.

It’s important to continue following the social distancing guidelines until the province says otherwise.