Carman Town Council releases 2019 Financial Plan

Carman Mayor Brent Owen going over some things in the financial plan at last week's council meeting. (Aaron Wilgosh/Postmedia)

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Carman town council met last week and Mayor Brent Owen presented the Town’s 2019 Financial Plan.

“It was our first budget and we put a lot of thought and effort into it,” said Owen. “With the price of everything in the community we wanted to be fair to everyone so we had a minor increase to the mill rate of .85, which is not that bad.”

This Financial Plan proposes an increase in spending from last year in the amount of $575,833.00 with a municipal mill rate increase of .085 mills. Prairie Rose School Division also increased its mill rate this year by 0.15 mills bringing the mill rate increase proposed in 2019 to 1.0 mills.

Highlights from the 2019 Financial Plan can be viewed at the bottom of the article.

There were also a couple of other things discussed including a new grater purchased for the Town, the beginning stages of a new water line to pass under the highway, and the completion of the Carman Industrial Park.

“It was important we finish some of the roads, and get the water and sewer in there to make the lots more sellable in the end,” said Owen.

Owen even commented on the Boil Water Advisory still in place for the Town of Carman.

“I checked with the water plant guys and there is some more flow coming from Stephenfield and the water is changing we’re just not up to par yet,” he added. “We’re also working on a study to bring more water into the reservoir this coming year. We’ll announce when the boil advisory is lifted.”

Carman Town Council meets the second Thursday of every month at Memorial Hall in Carman.

Highlights of the 2019 budget include –

General Government Department

  • Community Grants totalling $36,246.00
  • Strategic Plan Strategy
  • Increase in Commercial tax sharing by $4,554.00

Protective Services Department

  • New Fire apparatus to be delivered in 2019
  • New Jaws of Life to be purchased for CDFD
  • Continuing to provide fire inspections
  • Continued contract with RCMP
  • Continuation with the Helipad Project

Transportation Services Department

  • Sidewalk budget increased to $30,000
  • Additional funding for boulevard trees and other beautification items for business section
  • Continued support of Carman Dufferin Municipal Airport
  • Contribution to Carman Handi Van Committee towards the purchase of a new van for the community

Environmental Health Services

  • Continue to transfer waste to RM of Thompson landfill
  • Continue to adjust routes and methods to seek for further cost savings and efficiencies within the department.
  • Continue to accept recycling co-mingled for transfer to Gateway Resources.

Public Health & Welfare Services

  • Continued operation of Greenwood Cemetery
  • Opening of additional graves by installing concrete headstone pads – $6,000.00
  • Contribution to Province of Manitoba for the administration of income securities.

Environmental Development Services

  • Operation of Carman Dufferin Planning District
  • Licenses and supplies for any weed/insect control work that may be required through the year

Economic Development Services

  • Financial support for studies finding additional water source for Stephenfield Reservoir.
  • Membership in LaSalle Redboine Conservation District
  • Economic Development Officer strategies and projects
  • Industrial Park grants

Recreation & Cultural Services

  • Operation of Carman Dufferin Recreation Services
  • Support of Roseisle and Graysville Recreation Committees
  • Operation of Memorial Hall
  • Support to Carman Community Pathway Committee
  • Support to Dufferin Historical Museum Committee
  • Support to the operation of Boyne Regional Library
  • Support to Golden Prairie Arts Council

Fiscal Services

  • Debenture debt payment for 2019 – General debentures $200,531.00 and Utility debentures $112,632.00
  • Contribution to ensure reliable high speed internet – $250,000.00
  • Last phase of Industrial Park will be serviced with hydro, sewer and water and the road built (left at gravel base) – $615,000.00
  • Milling and overlay project in the north end will be completed. This means 2nd, 3rd and 4th Streets NW will be scheduled for this work. The sewer lines will be checked, cleaned and lined and then the streets will be milled and new asphalt installed. – $500,000.00
  • Manhole replacement on 1st Street SW – $13,000
  • Purchase of new equipment – $155,000
  • Upgrade to computer system – $7,000
  • Land purchase for road extension – $45,000
  • Money has been put into the budget for the crosswalks, providing we receive approval from Manitoba Infrastructure. – $15,000.00
  • Water main upgrade (utility budget) 6th Avenue SW – $85,000.00

The Provincial Government Basket funding now includes $61,500 which supports the infrastructure needs. This money will automatically be included in the Municipal Operating Grant and no longer needs to be applied for.

Conditional grants from the RM of Dufferin will total $777,873.00 for 2019. This money is used to fund the joint ventures such as Fire, Recreation, cemetery, Memorial Hall, Economic Development, and Planning District.