Carman RCMP assist in suspected abduction in RM of Stanley

RCMP logo. Don Healy / PNimg

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Carman/Morden RCMP assisted in an alleged abduction suspected in the RM of Stanley Friday, April 12, when Emerson RCMP requested support from surrounding detachments.

Emerson RCMP received a complaint of an alleged abduction occurring at an undisclosed location in the RM of Stanley. Officers were informed one male had allegedly abducted another male and that he was torturing said male in a hunting shack at an unknown location in the rural area over an unpaid drug debt.

Emerson RCMP alerted the RCMP Detachments in Morden, Carman, and Manitou and extensive large-scale search were initiated jointly by the four Detachments. Specialized police units from Winnipeg (including the RCMP Major Crimes Unit) were called to assist as well. Later that day, the male suspect was tracked down in the La Riviere area. A “high risk” tactical police takedown was conducted on Highway 3 east of Manitou and the male suspect was taken into custody.

A follow-up investigation carried out the next day determined no abduction or torture had taken place. The male suspect – who is well known to police in the area – told investigators he was ‘sick’ from a ‘meth high’ and had been joking around. To this point, no charges have been laid and the police investigation into the matter continues.

The methamphetamine drug epidemic has greatly impacted communities throughout Manitoba and has become a serious challenge, burden, and risk to communities – particularly police and health care providers. Meth abusers often experience ‘psychosis’ and exhibit violent and unpredictable tendencies that frequently make them a safety risk to the public, health care professionals, and police.

In 2019, the number of prisoners held in custody by the Carman and Morden RCMP offices nearly doubled. This rise in prisoners held in custody was directly attributed to specific mental health issues – the immediate ‘psychosis’ and long-term mental health impacts of meth abuse requiring police and health care intervention.