Carman Minor Ball's push for new diamonds underway

The design for the new ball diamonds in Carman. Carman Minor Baseball started the movement and the Carman and Area Community Ball Diamond Building Project has been created to help see the project through. (supplied photo)

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Carman Minor Baseball announced their plan of creating new baseball diamonds toward the end of 2018 and now members of the Carman and Area Community Ball Diamond Building Project are out canvassing businesses for corporate sponsors to help fund the project.

“We launched on January 7 with a meeting at the golf club and about 20 people attended,” said Derek MacLean, project coordinator. “We’ve got a pretty decent list of corporate sponsors [so far[ and peoples’ names attached to the project, and we’re out in southern Manitoba asking for donations for the new ball diamonds.”

The new field planned to be constructed at the corner of Sexsmith and Takvam Road, Northwest of Carman, has a projected cost of $1-million. The land was ex-appropriated from the owner by the Town and was earmarked for Carman Minor Baseball and the new ball diamonds/ball complex. In the future, there is land for two more soccer pitches as well, east of current soccer pitches.

“We started with $100,000 for the project on January 7,” said MacLean. “We’ve got a ways to go on that but thankfully, the residents of Carman are supportive. They have supported a lot of key functions within the town and we hope everyone thinks it’s important for our kids to get this done. “

The group has some future fundraising plans set for the spring and summer but their main focus at the moment is finding corporate sponsors.

“We have a deadline of March 30 where we want to have all of our corporate sponsors in place,” said MacLean. “We realize that organizations sometimes don’t make decisions until the summer, but we would like to know how much money we have in our bank account so we can push the project forward and start doing some work sometime in 2019.”

Members will be out and about for the next sixty days, and after that, should have a good indication of what where they stand in terms of donations needed. Carman Minor Baseball is desperately in need of three new diamonds and the project is calling for a total of eight.

“There are over 380 players that use the diamonds from Carman and the surrounding area and we really need to get three new diamonds up and running sooner than later,” he added. “If by March 30 we have $500-K in our account we’re going to start moving dirt and getting started on those three diamonds.”

If the diamonds are built this year they should see action by the year 2020, as it takes some time for the dirt and grass to settle otherwise it could all be torn up by the players. The group knows it will take some time to get the diamonds operational, which is why they are working with a sense of urgency now.

The Carman and Area Community Ball Diamond Building Project had already garnered the support of one local business as Roland Air Spray is taking part in ADAMA Canada’s Thank A Retailer contest in hopes of bringing $15,000 to the project.

“Helping out where you can is a very important part of any community, and this is a very nice means of doing helping out,” said Jeff Park, co-owner and Agronomist with Roland Air Spray. “There is always some money available and ADAMA is a big part of our business and this is one way they’re trying to give back to rural communities as well.”

Roland Air Spray is hoping for enough support from the community to win ADAMA’s Thank a Retailer contest and donate the $15,000 prize to the project. (supplied photo)

“Our community, I can’t say enough great things about it,” adds MacLean. “A lot of the times the community does throw their hat in the ring to help move things forward. We’re happy they chose us to donate the funds to if they win.”

The last check, Roland Air Spray was second in Manitoba behind Miami, Man., SJ Agronomy Services Incorporated, who had nearly $50,000 more points so far. Each nominee can earn points by having people join their “team” and taking part in point-earning activities. Head to to help out.

If you’re interested in helping out the Carman and Area Community Ball Diamond Building Project contact Derek MacLean at Donations are to be made out to the Town of Carman for tax receipt purposes.