Carman Minor Ball nearing March deadline

Prairie Gold Transport hit a triple by donating $10,000 to the diamond project. (supplied photo)

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The Carman and Area Community Ball Diamond Building Project continues to receive support from businesses and community members as the group is nearing the end of their proposed deadline of March 31 to have all corporate sponsors, as well as $500,000, to get the project started this summer.

“We’re verbally committed somewhere between $250 and $270,000,” said Derek MacLean, project coordinator. “It’s not cash in hand but we deal with people that are very honourable, and our community is good for keeping their donation plans. It looks like the project is moving forward even if we fall a little short of the goal.”

The group wants to get construction started this year as quickly as they can as the demand for diamonds in Carman is high with an expected influx of kids 12-and-up.

“We’ve got a big boost coming in both the boys and girls groups in those age ranges,” said MacLean. “It’s a long project but they will be there forever. We want to make sure we do it right as we need to negotiate contractors to help us with the build. We need the things in place so we can go out and sign a contract and get started.”

In the background, the group continues to reach out to contractors who could supply services or supplies, or even take the lead on the project.

“We’re comfortable with the people we’ve been in contact with on some of the items,” he adds. “We’ve been in touch with the person that did all the Altona diamonds and we’re branching out to make sure we can stretch our dollars as far as they can go.”

If the diamonds are built this year they should see action by the year 2020, as it takes some time for the dirt and grass to settle otherwise it could all be torn up by the players. The group knows it will take some time to get the diamonds operational, which is why they are working with a sense of urgency now.

The Carman and Area Community Ball Diamond Building Project hope to be moving dirt in the spring.