Carman Garden Club welcomes Manitoba gardeners for MHA event

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The Carman Garden Club is playing host to the Manitoba Horticulture Association’s 12th Annual General Meeting and Convention from Thursday, Jan. 31, to Saturday, Feb. 2, at the Carman Community Hall.

“Every year the MHA asks if there is a group that wants to put their name forward to host the event and we ended up being selected,” said Carman Garden Club President, Paula Learmond. “We hosted it five years ago and it turned to be a great convention for the Manitoba Horticultural Association, so they are pretty thrilled to be coming back to Carman for the three-day event.”

The event kicks off with registration and a welcoming statement from Connie Lagerquist, MHA President, and Learmond at 6:30 p.m. before hopping into the first guest speaker Dave Moran, past-President of the Manitoba Orchid Society in Winnipeg. There will also be a competition held the opening day as well as the first of several meetings happening over the three-day event.

The Carman Garden Club will also be celebrating their 90th birthday Thursday night with a cake and get together during the first night of the Manitoba Horticultural Association’s annual meeting and conference.

“Friday there is going to be a Manitoba floral arranging contest which is going to be very exciting,” said Learmond. “There are seven clubs coming in and one member from each club will be doing the flower arranging contest. They will have to arrange the flowers within 20 minutes as they will be judged afterwards. That is happening Friday morning at 11:15 a.m.”

The Carman Garden Club is made up of a lot of seasoned gardeners with most members being over 55 years of age. Learmond admits a lot a lot of young people aren’t able to make it to the event as it’s held through the week and during the day when younger gardeners are busy working.

“Other speakers at the convention include Shawn Dias, Parks and Urban Forestry Manager with the City of Morden. He’ll be speaking about the Emerald Ash Borer,” said Learmond. “Landscaping Planning & Design Keynote Speaker Elaine Stechison from Shelmerdines is the headline speaker and will be taking the stage Friday afternoon.”

Also partaking in the event will be Director, Horticulture at Assiniboine Park Conservancy, Winnipeg Kaaren Pearce to speak about Canada’s Diversity Gardens. The event costs 160$ for non-members and that includes 2 lunches, coffee breaks and a banquet Friday night that includes a Great gardener’s auction. There are also individual day packages, evening packages, and full weekend passes available.

The MHA will be handing out of their annual Stevenson Award, which is going to Bob Bors and Rick Sawatzky of the University of Saskatchewan. Get the full schedule of the event here.