Carman Game and Fish Association Derby winners

Derby winners Vincent Klassen, Logan Major and Jason Bourgeois pose for a photo at the competition. (supplied photo)

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The Carman Game and Fish Association had another successful Banquet on January 26, 2019.

The winners for 2018 are as follows:

Yearly Fish Winners:
Silver Bass: 1st Justin Major 42 1/4”, 2nd Rick Tkachyk 34”.
Walleye: TIE – 1st Daren Gitzel 29”, Justin Major 29”.
Perch: 1st Jackie Grundy 13 1/2”, 2nd Rick Tkachyk 11 1/2”.
Sauger: 1st Rick Tkachyk 14 1/2”.
Smallmouth Bass: 1st Jackie Grundy 19 1/2”, 2nd Rick Tkachyk 15”.
Freshwater Drum: 1st Cliff Major 29 1/2”, 2nd Daren Gitzel 25”.
Bullhead: TIE – 1st Rick Tkachyk 14”, Daren Gitzel 14”.
Catfish: 1st Christy Nicolajsen 39 1/2”, 2nd Armin Gitzel 39 1/4”.
Rock Bass: 1st Rick Tkachyk 7 1/2”.
Burbot: 1st Jackie Grundy 22”, 2nd Tyler Grundy 17”.
Tullabie: 1st Jackie Grundy 18”, 2nd Tyler Grundy 17 1/2”.
Rainbow Trout: 1st Murray Derkson 22”.
Sturgen: 1st Armin Gitzel 31”, 2nd Darren Gitzel 30”.

Youth Yearly Fish Winners: 1st Luke Nordquist 22 3/4”.
Silver Bass: 1st Luke Nordquist 21 1/2”.
Walleye: 1st Shelby Nicolajsen 25 1/4”, 2nd Isabella Naphin 18”.
Catfish: 1st Shelby Nicolajsen 36”.

2018 Annual Derby:
Overall Winner: Deb Kon 25 1/4”.
1st Lawerence Skwara 25 1/8”, 2nd Ron Kon 19”.
Junior: 1st Kylie Wardle 20 1/2”.

Goose: 1st Jackie Grundy 15 lbs.
Photo Contest: Wildflowers/foliage: 1st Patti Norman.

Deer head competitions are measured in eighths and winners were:
Overall deer head (Corrnie Giesbrecht Trophy) was Cliff Major 150.4.
Rifle: 1st Cliff Major 150.4, 2nd Lloyd Nordquist 116.4.
Muzzleloader: 1st Dale McInnis 110.
Archery: 1st Mark Salter.

Youth – Rifle: 1st Felix Parvais.
Most Even: Cliff Major 2.7.

Ice Derby

The Carman Game and Fish Annual Open Ice Derby held Feb 16, 2019, at Stephenfield Lake dealt with a lot of snow on the lake but was an overall great day of fishing.

Karl Bergen was the winner for longest Perch with a 9.5” fish and winning $120. Vincent Klassen took second with a 9” fish and received $60.

Logan Major took the Jackfish competition 30.25” fish and took home $175 while Jason Bourgoeis won $87.50 with his with a 29.25” fish.