Barn quilting added to Carman Country Fair

Supplied photo

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It’s coming up on the 141st Country Fair and to celebrate, a new class has been created under the Visual Arts Category and ‘Barn Quilts – Painted or Pieced’ is ready for excited quilters to join.

A “barn quilt” is a quilt pattern painted onto pressure-treated or MDF plywood and attached to the side of a barn, garage, store, or wherever it will fit. When several people in an area put up barn quilts, they would often publish routes or “quilt barn trails” so visitors can admire all the works of art.

Some trails are meant to attract tourists and money to local businesses, while other trails are mainly a way to share the beauty of an area. Barn quilts are usually squares. The standard size is 8’x 8′ made up of two 4′ x 8′ sheets of special plywood. Smaller squares may be required, (1’x1’, 2’x2’, 3’x3’, 4’x4’ or…) depending on the space you have.

The class has been created for people to enter their quilts, but the organization committee would really appreciate it if entrants would donate them to the Dufferin Agricultural Society after the fair is complete so the group can create its own Barn Quilt Trail throughout the Fairgrounds, adding to it each year, working toward the 150th Carman Country Fair in 2029.