Bail You Out fundraiser brings in nearly $30,000

Bailiff Marnie Sherritt (left) with prisoners Theresa Barylski, Sandra Goff and Laura Kehler at the Bail You Out fundraiser last week. (Aaron Wilgosh/Postmedia)

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The Boyne Regional Library Renovation and Expansion Committee is in the tendering process to get started on the construction of the project, as the group decided to combine Phases 1 and 2 to get as much of the project completed while fundraising in the process.

“We want to get started on both phases this year,” said Dale Owen, committee chair. “We met (Monday) morning to start the tendering process on the project. RM Council discussed the project last week and approved our movement into the tendering process.”

Owen says their architect will send the tenders out and when they come back a decision will be made as to which company they will go forward with. The group recently had a big boost thanks to a couple of fundraisers in their local art auction held at the Library and the second Bail You Out Fundraiser held at the Carman Arena.

“The ‘Bail You Out’ event continues to be an amazing fundraiser for us,” said Owen. “We have brought in $25,000 right now in cash donated, and close to another $5,000 pledged, so if everything comes in we’ll be close to $30,000 raised throughout the day.”

Those taking part seemed to have a great time at the event, even the ‘criminals’ on the wrong side of the bars.

Judge Judy McGregor (left) and Heather McKnight handing out sentences to those found guilty at the Bail You Out event held at Carman Arena. (Aaron Wilgosh/Postmedia)

“Everyone, all the participants, were such good sports,” she said. “They would go in front of our judge and the judge would make up funny things or accuse them of funny fake crimes. There were a lot of laughs and everyone really had a lot of fun at the arena.”

The Art Auction held at the library didn’t bring in as much as the group was hoping but were thankful for the support of the artists who donated the pieces, and those who donated.

The group reached the goal for Phase 1 earlier this year but have since moved onto the seeing the project as a whole rather than broken into phases.

“We need to have a few things in place for that to happen and we’re working on that quickly,” she added. “We want to be digging in late June or July and getting the construction underway as soon as we can, though.”

The Boyne Book It Fun Run is next month, another great opportunity for the Renovation and Expansion committee to push for the completion of the Library.

“There is a lot of great success right now with the run and a lot of registration happening and sponsors stepping up,” explained Owen. “We’re hoping to have all of the registrations done by the end of April 26. We can accept after that, of course, but we’d like to have pretty close to definite numbers then as there is a lot we need to order to get things set.”

There have been some sponsors stepping up for the event and Owen confirms there will be a pancake breakfast along with the event. There have also been running/walking groups formed in anticipation of the Book It Fun Run, which Owen says, it very encouraging.

The committee wants to thank the following participants in the bail you out fundraiser. Trish Middleton, Rob Bryson, Aaron Snidal, Dale Reimer, Ben Vanderzwaag, Janine Lodder, Brad Middleton, Warren McCutcheon, Sandra Goff, Laura Kehler, Mike Pfrimmer, Theresa Barylski, Lida Carlson, Nikki Spencer, Ted Sherritt, Doug McGuire, Ian Bergsma, Heidi Russell, Amanda Rheault, Nathan Strange