Back On Cue ready to get back on stage

Community members gather at the Golden Prairie Arts Council in Carman to discuss the new theatre group in Carman Manitoba. The group decided on the name Back on Cue as an homage to the previous group On Cue. (Aaron Wilgosh/Postmedia)

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It is official, Carman’s new theatre group has decided upon their name that is a throwback to their roots as ‘Back On Cue’ is officially on their way to a November production after a second meeting held in February.

“There were 15 people that attended the meeting and four more that have expressed interest and will be coming on board at a later time,” said group member, Susan Mooney. “It’s really starting to snowball. We want people to know that we’re open to letting anyone who may be interested in joining the group to take part. It’s not a completed group.”

The group didn’t want to drift too far from the original group ‘On Cue’ as members from the previous group are involved today as well. Several things were discussed at the meeting including the date of the show, which seems to be set on November 15, 16, and maybe a third show on November 17. In the past, On Cue would perform dinner-theater style catering the entire event with a terrific meal, but the new group wants to take things slow to start and have decided to go with just a show instead of a full meal to go along with the play or musical.

“There are a group of people that sat down after our meeting and are starting seriously going through different options for us,” said Mooney. “Everything is really moving forward but it starts with picking a date and a play, or if the group feels we have the talent, a musical.”

Back On Cue hasn’t decided on a play or a musical yet, but are leaning toward a clean style comedy that the entire family can enjoy. The group knows there could be extra roles needed filling and have discussed the idea of opening up auditions for roles as necessary.

“We’ll be doing a lot of advertising to go along with everything to let people know we’re looking for our cast through auditions and any other big decisions we make,” she adds. “We’ll have a lot of information going out when the time comes.”

On Cue from 1982’s production of The King and I. (Supplied photo)

Enthusiasm continues to grow as people ask about the upcoming show and details on which play has been selected but the group is still working hard to select something everyone will enjoy. The group plans to meet at the Golden Prairie Arts Council in Carman for their meetings.

“GPAC, they’re amazing,” said Mooney. “We can use their facility for meetings and maybe even early rehearsals, and of course we look to them for some possible funding through grants applications and those types of things. Plus the liability that they have through the town of Carman, They are going to be a big team player in all parts of this and we owe them a huge thanks.”

Back On Cue is also interested in students to round out the cast and crew.

“We’re not closing it out to them because it’s a community theatre and we want to involve as many people from the community as we can,” she said. “There is one young member that is still in high school and she’s excited to be the part and we’re opening up the play or musical to everyone in the community.”

The group is hopeful they will be performing at Carman Collegiate and is looking to have students help out with stage-sound and lighting.