Applications welcome for 2019 grants; Youth in Philanthropy continues

The official Signing of new agreement between the Carman Area Foundation and the Youth in Philanthropy group. Front Row (left to right): Carman Collegiate principal, Jeffrey Latimer, Carman Area Foundation Chair, Barry Gosnell. Back Row (left to right): Staff advisor Donna Pritchard, Youth in Philanthropy members Jenna Bruce, Miranda Barker and Aivery Peckover, and Carman Area Foundation executive director Fred Colvin. (supplied photo)

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Nearly 30 grants were handed out by the Carman Area Foundation in 2018 including $5,000 to the Boyne Valley Hostel Corporation, $6,000 to the Elm Creek Skating Rink, $5,000 to Linear Grain Fund, and $4,000 to Wee Care Child Centre just to name a few, and now the organization is welcoming applications for their 2019 granting process.

“The number of applications we’ve received in the past few years has increased and it means that more organizations are aware of what we’re offering,” said executive director, Fred Colvin. “As our endowment grows the foundation is able to offer more in grants every year.”

2018 was the 20th year since incorporation for the Carman Area Foundation, and it has grown to include the RM of Grey, The RM Roland and the community of Sperling. The organization started issuing grants in 200 after being incorporated in 1998. The endowment fund passed 2$-million as the organization is now in a place where they can make some significant contributions.

“We’re not big enough to put a dent in what the personal care home project needs but we did supply them with support last year and I’m sure we will again this year,” said Colvin. “People know the Foundation is there to help, especially for many smaller organizations with smaller projects. Our catchment area is big and we don’t want any organizations to miss out on their chance to get some funding.”

If any organizations are unsure if they qualify or not they can give Fred Colvin a call at the Carman Area Foundation to figure everything out. The Foundation’s endowment fund is over $2-million dollars strictly from donations and investment growth.

2018 was a big year for the 24-Hr Giving Challenge. The group received donations totalling $27,545.00, a record amount for them in the four years of the event. The additional $4,000 stretch contribution from The Winnipeg Foundation and Province means that they will add $31,545.00 to our Endowment funds

“Foundations are only allowed to offer grants to charitable organizations so it has to be a registered charity or falls under a parent organization that is qualified with Canada revenue as a charity,” he added. “There are other organizations that fall under the umbrella of the town or the RM, and they also qualify under that government registration.”

For more information contact the Carman Area Foundation.

Youth in Philanthropy continues

The Foundation is pleased to announce it has extended the Youth in Philanthropy agreement with Carman Collegiate for another three years.

“The original six-year agreement was established with the support of the Thomas Sill Foundation,” said Colvin. “The Youth in Philanthropy program helps teach young people about philanthropy and charity. In the first six years of the program, the Collegiate issued a total of $25,000 in grants to community organizations through its fundraising activities and support from the Carman Area Foundation.”

The foundation has a program with Carman Collegiate called Youth in Philanthropy that was established six or seven years ago through the Thomas Sill Foundation. It was to run six years and the Sill Foundation put up some funds to start it. The program was quite successful and because of that, the Carman Area Foundation board has decided to extend it by financing them for another three years.

“We’ll continue to fund them for another three years, $3,500 a year for the group’s endeavours,” added Colvin.

The formative agreement goes as follows:

The three-year agreement (2018-19 to 2020-21) between the Carman Area Foundation and Carman Collegiate is an extension of the original six-year (2012-2018) Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) agreement, which had also included the Thomas Sill Foundation.  The Thomas Sill Foundation is not involved in this agreement.

The commitment of the Carman Area Foundation and Carman Collegiate will continue as in the original partnership.

Responsibilities of Carman Area Foundation

The CAF will provide $3500 annually in funding to Carman Collegiate for three consecutive school years, commencing 2018-19.

The CAF will assign an appropriate number of board members to liaise with the Youth in Philanthropy Committee and provide guidance related to philanthropy and the role of community foundations.

The CAF will maintain the Carman Collegiate Youth in Philanthropy Endowment Fund, as established in the original six-year agreement.

Responsibilities of Carman Collegiate

Carman Collegiate will obtain approval for its participation from Prairie Rose School Board, as necessary. It will establish a Youth in Philanthropy student committee and assign a supervising teacher to work with the committee and liaise with the Foundation.

The YIP committee will lead student philanthropic activities at the school, including fundraising and granting decisions.

Each year, from the $3500 provided by CAF and the funds raised through fundraising events, the YIP Committee commits to the following:

  • Contribute between $800 and $1000 to the CAF Youth in Philanthropy endowment fund.
  • Grant a minimum of $3000 in granting, as part of the annual CAF granting process.