Animato set for spring shows

The Carman Mennonite Church is hosting the first of two Animato shows. (file photo)

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Local singing group Animato is preparing for their 2019 show in hopes of raising funds for Katie Cares in both Carman and Morden with two scheduled performances on April 11 and 12 in the respective communities.

“We do a fundraiser every year for a different charity, and this year we’re doing Katie Cares in Carman and Morden,” said Colleen Reimer, manager and singer with Animato. “It’s our groups’ yearly show. We usually just do one show in Carman, we’ve done a couple in Roland too, but this year we’re doing an extra show in Morden to branch out.”

Animato was formed when likeminded men and women got together 10 years ago and decided to bring their talents to the public. The group then decided they would donate anything raised at their performances to a local charity.

“There are 12 singers in our group,” she said. “We spent our lives in church choirs and other choirs, and we wanted to do more challenging music. So we do a mixture of different kinds of music like jazz, sacred, to retro, 60’s and 50’s songs, and we have lot of fun.”

Animato always tries to pick a charitable organization that helps a cross-section of people in the community. Katie Cares is not specific to one set of people so Reimer and fellow singers are thrilled that the funds raised will help a broad range of people.

“We have a special ladies number we’ll be performing, an incredible men’s number, some acapella songs, and we all really have fun doing it which comes through in our sound,” she added. “Margaret Gluck from Roland is our Director and we have voices from Morris, Winkler, Carman, Roseisle and Starbuck with six originals left performing.”

The first of two shows is set for Thursday, April 11, at 7 p.m. in the Carman Mennonite Church. The second show goes Friday, April 12, at the Morden Mennonite Church. Friday’s concert will also have a special performance from the Sonatrice Singers.