A serious storm to start the fall

One of the trees on fire in Carman that the Carman Dufferin Fire Department dealt with Friday. (supplied photo)

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The snow continues to fall across southern Manitoba and emergency crews, hydro, and city/town crews have been hard at work ensuring life can proceed as best as possible going into the third day of the Colorado low that has gripped the province.

The Carman Dufferin Fire Department (CDFD) has been busy dealing with issues around the region. In an unprecedented evening, the CDFD was called to three calls at the same time.

First, at 7:10 p.m. the CDFD was requested for a lift assist with an ambulance in the RM of Dufferin. 7:15 saw firefighters entering the fire hall they were called to investigate smoke on a roof from a blown transformer and at 7:28 the crew was called to hydro lines on fire in the town of Carman.

The CDFD is cleared from all three calls.

Another site of line fires in Carman. (supplied photo)

The fire department has also dealt with a tree and line fires caused by hydro lines in Carman. No one was injured.

The department reminds people that if they come across damaged or downed power lines to stay away and call 911. Treat all lines as energized and avoid them or anything they touch.

Never try to remove tree branches from lines

Highways around the region (3, 13, 23, 2, #1) have been closed for most of the day and will remain closed throughout the night. Check the Valley Leader’s Facebook page for updates on highway closures.