A message from the Prairie Rose School Division

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Students and staff returned to school and work Monday, March 16, 2020, and the Prairie Rose School Division is taking steps to ensure everyone is safe before entering the three weeks off period imposed by the province.

Teachers and parents are being asked to keep the below things in mind:
✓ Any staff or students who are ill, or who are exhibiting symptoms of illness, are asked to stay home this week.
✓ Any staff or students who may be at high risk of exposure due to pre-existing conditions are asked to stay home this week. This includes individuals with respiratory conditions or serious medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease.
✓ Any staff or students who have travelled internationally during the last two weeks (14 days), including the United States, are to stay home and self-isolate for this week. This includes all employees on the PRSD substitute lists.
✓ PRSD employees who plan to travel internationally, including the United States, during the next six weeks are asked to cancel those international trips. PRSD employees who require more information on this request are asked to call me directly at 1-204-745-2003.
✓ All PRSD employees are advised that if a staffing shortage occurs at any PRSD school that jeopardizes that school’s operation, PRSD will reassign staff on a temporary basis to ensure continual school operations.
✓ Anticipating that many parents/guardians will choose to keep their children home this week, teachers are asked to “suspend” all major classroom assessments; including tests, projects, etc.
✓ Parents/guardians who plan to have their children stay home, please contact your school.
✓ Parents/guardians who have their children transported by PRSD bus services are asked to be prepared for possible bus service disruption if PRSD experiences challenges in running any one of PRSD’s bus routes due to a shortage of bus drivers.

PRSD Superintendent Terry Osiowy would like to remind all PRSD stakeholders that we all have a personal and collective responsibility to protect ourselves and each other. As COVID-19 continues to evolve, PRSD decisions and responses will be guided by provincial and national government agencies that are best positioned to inform the decisions and to help navigate effective decision making.

Anyone with any questions can contact Superintendent Terry Osiowy at 1-204-745-2003 or by email at tosiowy@prsdmb.ca.