$37,000 needed for Phase 1 at Boyne Regional Library

Town of Carman Mayor Brent Owen, Boyne Regional Library Expansion and Renovation committee members Dale Owen and Neil Strechan, and RM of Dufferin Reeve George Gray pose for a photo in front of the books at the Boyne Regional Library. The committee is only $37,000 away from moving forward on Phase 1 of their goal. (Aaron Wilgosh/Postmedia)

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2019 is starting off with a push for donations from the Boyne Regional Library Renovation and Expansion Committee and the RM of Dufferin and Town of Carman are both encouraging citizens to help the group as they close in on their Phase 1 goal.

“Their support is huge for us,” said committee chair, Dale Owen. “We have had such a great year of fundraising and to go into a meeting with both councils and receive their support is great. People are contacting us about things and we’ve had some things happen last week.”

The committee is only $37,000 short of the estimated cost of $910,000 to get started on Phase 1. Once the goal is reached, the committee will be able to offer tenders to prospective contractors. Phase 2’s cost is around $160K while Phase 3 is just over $200K.

Rural Municipality of Dufferin Reeve, George Gray, and Carman Mayor, Brent Owen, were both in attendance at the Boyne Regional Library last week to celebrate all the work done by the hardworking committee so far.

“We would like to congratulate the Boyne Regional Library Reno Committee for the tremendous effort the group has put forward in encouraging the community to support the amazing project,” said Gray, in a statement prepared by both the RM and Town councils. “They are nearing the commitment they need to get started on Phase 1 and we would like to ask the community to help them attain that goal.”

Both councils support the dedication and perseverance that the committee has shown in bringing this project to this point.

“We feel like we’ve got a momentum going and we just want to keep it going. We had a couple of moms from the community who are keen to get going on a fundraiser going for us I’m really excited about the idea it’s just not finalized yet.”

The committee does have a couple of events in the works. Another Wine Survivor is being offered through the library and teams are encouraged to sign up before it fills up. The group is also planning another ‘Bail Out’ day for the month of March.

“We say our committee is small and mighty,” laughed Owen. “And resilient, because we haven’t exactly had everything go our way so we’re really excited about where we are right now and how hard we’ve worked to get here.”

Phase one is a 1,700 square foot addition to the Library and is the largest and most expensive portion of the project. The add-on would change where the entrance to the building is, and where the desks and stacks are. That leads into Phase 2 which includes an accessibility ramp so every citizen can enter the library through the same doors.

Phase 3 is the final renovation of the existing area set at just over $200K. That area is planned to become the children’s section of the library.