Orlando & Grace (Sukkau) released Calm, and will host a special release party on Sept. 28. (LYNETTE GIESBRECHT)

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A Winkler couple’s return to music has resulted in their first album in about 24 years, and local music lovers will benefit.
Orlando & Grace (Sukkau) released Calm, and will host a special release party on Sept. 28.
The release concert will be held at 7 p.m. at Winkler MB Church (120 Pineview Dr.) and will include a freewill offering.
Joining Orlando & Grace will be Mark Fehr on mandolin, Calvin Klassen on stand up bass, and Raymond Klassen on guitar and dobro. Special guest Jayme Giesbrecht will join the group for a couple of songs as well.
The album itself also has songs that feature Rosemary Siemens on violin and Eli Bennett on saxophone.
The pair has recorded albums before.
“In the early 90s we recorded our first tape, called Peaceful Feeling and then our second tape was called Wouldn’t it be nice,” Grace said.
Those tapes came out in 1990 and 1994.
There’s been no albums since then… until now.
“Orlando’s writing all the time,” Grace said. “We thought, we should just put out our own album.”
Orlando wrote music for Rosemary Siemens and Orlando and Grace became part her band, the Sweet Sound Revival.
“It kind of struck something in is,” Grace said. “We fell in love with music again.”
“One of our friends encouraged us a little more than four years ago, to sing, and he was so persistent,” Orlando added.
This album includes brand new music as well as songs written some time ago, including two from a former album.
“Those are the two most requested songs when we sing somewhere,” Grace explained. “We wrote all the songs on this album except for one and that’s an old Carter Family song called Anchored in Love.”
One of the popular oldies is called Flower Annie, written about a Winkler woman who sold paper flowers on the street.
“When she passed away I wrote the song just so people wouldn’t forget about this iconic lady,” Orlando said. “That’s been one of our most requested.”
The title track, Calm, is one of Orlando’s favourites, mostly because of the guitar work done by High Valley’s Raymond Klassen. While that song has a bluegrass feel, that’s only one of the sounds found on the album.
“It’s a mixture,” Grace said. “There’s some songs that are a little more folky, singer song writer type and there’s the bluegrass and a bit of country.”
“Years ago I wrote more folk style so a number of the songs like Crying and Winter Days are from more than 20 years ago,” he said.
Grace Filled Day also features a Celtic feel.
Inspiration for their songs often comes out of chaos, when they’re looking for calm. Orlando said the initial stages can be quick.
“The music comes, the words come all at once,” he said. “Some are written within an hour.”
The song will still be subject to refinement, something the two artists do together.
Orlando & Grace are pleased with their product, and say the response has been great.
While both enjoy the process of being artists, Grace said she enjoys bringing the music to life, perfecting it with a band. Orlando said presenting it to an audience and getting feedback is the highlight.
Whatever the specific song, the pair hope to encourage people with their music.
“You don’t want to leave them with nothing,” Grace said. “It is about our life and it’s definitely about our faith, we bring that into it.”
“It’s about calm in the midst of a crazy world,” Orlando added.
No plans for another album have been finalized, but the pair wouldn’t rule it out.
“I have enough (songs) for another album or two,” Orlando admitted.