Ben Sures and The Rainy Day Apparel in Carman

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The Golden Prairie Arts Council is proud to welcome Canadian singer/songwriter Ben Sures along with guests The Rainy Day Apparel to the Carman Active Living Centre Friday, October 19, 2018, as part of the Arts Council’s 2018-19 concert series.

“Sures is the kind of songwriter that reaches the audience in a refreshing way,” says GPAC director, Brenda Major. “His songs are melody driven, catchy and full of ideas, from the fan favourite ‘Boring People’ to ‘Used to Have a Raygun’ and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest winner, ‘Any Precious Girl.’ The music is interesting, fun to listen to and easy to remember.”

The intimate show is a coffee house style of venue which is perfect for both artists’ style and sound. Sures has been to Carman once before and he is expected to put on another incredible show for those who take in the event.

Sures is a singer-songwriter from Edmonton and would be classified as roots/folk genre. He’s recently published a children’s book called ‘The Boy Who Walked Backward’ and he released his 2018 album Poema Poematis. Armed with an acoustic guitar, Sures’ songs reach you in a way that makes you think, feel, understand the world in a whole new way and laugh at yourself while you are at it.

Audiences are guaranteed to have a blast while enjoying his beautiful songs that come from the heart. Sures’ delightful wit and incredible talent are sure to blow the attendees away.

The Rainy Day Apparel

Nathan Strange is The Rainy Day Apparel and his sound will leave you with a feeling of content when he hits the stage with his light, yet thought-provoking sound.

“Recording and performing live has really been picking up lately but I’ve been working on the project for about two years,” says Strange. “Goal number one for me is having a place to play but I’m trying to get more out there as a part-time musician.”

The Saskatchewan born musician is currently residing in Carman. The Rainy Day Apparel tells the story of multiple connections in a magnanimous but tranquil way while offering perspective on the human experience as seen and heard from the eyes of a prairie-born singer/songwriter.

Whether it is uplifting, gut-wrenching, healing or heartbreaking, the music you hear should make you feel. RDA has been telling stories through music for some time but only recently has it seemed necessary to share with a larger audience.

Strange received a $500 grant from the Golden Prairie Arts Council in September to help fund some production work needed on a few songs.

“I currently have one song that is mixed by the same guy doing the other three, and you can tell the difference from a song I do myself and a mixed song,” he said. The guy has mixed for Paul Brandt and Jan Arden, and he’s got a pretty solid resume so it’s nice to be able to hand my work off to him and let the producer work his magic.”

Songs will open the heart and soul as the passion for music comes through every chord. The Rainy Day Apparel has a facebook page and has some recordings on SoundCloud. Stop by and check out some of the songs to sing along before the show.

Ben Sures and The Rainy Day Apparel are set to perform October 19, 2018, at the Carman Active Living Centre. Tickets are available through the Golden Prairie Arts Council.